Meet the Cast

Buck Thompson
(Victor Zinck Jr.)

A nature enthusiast, Buck Thompson’s love of the outdoors runs deep within his roots. Coming from a long line of forest rangers, Buck kept up the family tradition and is the best of the best. Rugged and kind, he began flying with his dad and mentor in college. After returning from military service, he became a bush pilot for the national park. Although his dangerous occupation has created a few obstacles, he’s determined to make things work in his new relationship with Jessica.

Victor Zinck Jr. is known for his work in Motive, The 100, and Altered Carbon.

Jessica Alaway
(Kaitlyn Leeb)

Passionate and confident, Jessica Alaway is a geologist completing a research grant studying layers of rocks. Jessica is completely devoted to her work and will do whatever it takes to preserve her findings and finish her studies. She’s now navigating her new relationship with Buck while getting to know his tight-knit family.

Kaitlyn Leeb is known for her work in Heartland, Spinning Out, Shadowhunters, and Degrassi: The Next Generation.

Janine Thompson
(Kate Vernon)

Strong-willed and steadfast, Janine Thompson is a retired chief ranger who is still active in her community and respected by her peers. The heart of her family, she goes out of her way to make the holidays special for her family.

Kate Vernon is known for her work in Battlestar Galactica, Falcon Crest, and The Morning Show.

Roma Thompson
(Laura Vandervoort)

Resilient and no-nonsense, Roma is Buck’s older sister and the captain of the aerial firefighting team. Methodical by nature, she runs her team like a well-oiled machine. The holiday season stirs up the past for her as she hides a secret from her family.

Laura Vandervoort is known for her work in The Handmaid’s Tale, Smallville, and The Christmas Exchange.

Meg Rogers
(Jennifer Mote)

Meticulous and experienced, Meg is a forest ranger who has let her career define her entire existence. After years of working closely alongside Buck, she’s developed feelings for him, which causes problems between Buck and Jessica.

Jennifer Mote is known for her work in The Wedding Planners, Designated Survivor, and Hometown Holiday.

Amara Johnson
(Melinda Shankar)

Resourceful and hardworking, Amara is Buck’s first cousin and fellow forest ranger. She loves what she does for a living, especially because she gets to work alongside her family.  Amara welcomes Jessica to the family while Buck is away working.

Melinda Shankar is known for her work in Degrassi: The Next Generation, How to Be Indie, and Christmas with a Prince.

Polly Johnson
(Corey Bright)

Mother of two, Polly is trying to keep it together for her family while her husband is on location for six months on a job.

Corey Bright is known for her work in Wife Hacks and Retreat.

Rachel Johnson
(Maya Franzoi)

Polly’s teenage daughter who is a good kid at the core, but she is struggling with her father’s absence during the holidays.

Maya Franzoi is known for her work in The Thrillusionists, Ponysitters Club, and Ghostwriter.

Marcus Johnson
(Isaak Bailey)

Sweet and thoughtful, Marcus is out to make this Christmas one to remember for his mom, Polly while his father is away on location for his job.

Isaak Bailey is known for his work in Flint, Alias Grace, and When Hope Calls.

Ted Dooly
(Anthony Grant)

Upbeat and fun-loving, Ted is a forest ranger who oversees the control room for Avalon County. Ted uses his big personality to hide the pain he endured while in the military.

Anthony Grant is known for his work in Rookie Blue, Star Trek: Discovery, and V-Wars.

Bob Williams
(Roy Lewis)

A pillar of the community, Bob is a sled dog trainer who likes to lend a helping hand.

Roy Lewis is known for his work in Degrassi: The Next Generation and Unlocking Christmas.

Charlie the Dog

Jessica’s trusted companion.